ABOUT Urban Thoughts

I was checking my iPhone, going from whatsapp to Facebook, liking the latest Salt Bae’s videos, maybe a few kitten pictures too. 

Every day felt like clockwork. I started every morning with a cup of black coffee, rode the bus to work, did my job, and rode the bus back home. Yet, this Monday was different.

I stopped in front of my building’s elevator and thought, to hell with the bus and the six o'clock traffic. I’m walking home. 

And off I was, walking with no other goals but to go from point A to point B. 

I did not see the blow coming, the view just hit me in the face, unexpectedly. But I remember the bridge, 134 meters above the hard concrete, the T1 North Shore line train buzzing in my ears. 

Frenetic, my fingers stuck to the shutter button, I started chasing the light, one colour at a time, one boat at a time, capturing everything through my lens. Until the world turned to night.

This is where Urban Thoughts come from. From a moment when I forgot about time all together. 

I wish that my photography can inspire others to slow down too, to appreciate their surroundings, change their daily commute and forget about our concrete jungle’ clockwork.

How? Through the power of short stories imagined from behind the frames.

Here's hoping you will enjoy your time here.