A game of lights

Lights are like a dance. A cha-cha more precisely. Bouncing between two extremes.

Between clarity and darkness. Back and forth. Continuously.

This selection is about this special dance. It is actually when we look more intensely, a little like life in general. Likewise this game lights seem to play, we, people, move from one to the other, constantly looking for the perfect balance.

And with each picture, each adventure, each moment, we try our best and keep searching for the perfect balance. 


With Love,





We are all performers somehow. 

Sky-walking on thin wires, likewise funambulists in a circus.

Striving to keep our balance despite the perpetual tension that pushes us forward, constantly.

In the end, the journey is much more enjoyable, the lighter we are.

Drop everything which weighs you down. Hold these supporting hands which balance you.

Challenges come and go. And one day, as you look from afar, you will see how small they have become and how much you have grown.

You will be fine. You will do great. Believe in yourself.

Free yourself now and take your life to new heights.

- With love



Invisible Places

This collection embodies the concept of invisible places and looking inward through nature and physical objects. Looking up, looking ahead and looking through. Searching for a higher truth within our selves. Rising our heads to the sky, searching for you everywhere, in everyone and everything. And then, letting the light shine through at every step we take, simply. Feeling your presence, here and there, always.

Tell me now, how to break these invisible ceilings we so often draw around ourself ? 



We are but temporary passengers. We are born into the world, naked, and as such we will be going. No possessions will be taken, no money nor any material futilities. There is but one thing that will last and be transmitted, the memory of you in the hearts of those you touched. Continuing on the road of their life, as they carry you with them, always and everywhere, how then would you like to be remembered? 

How may you ink these vulnerable hearts, giving them comfort in the tougher times? What message will you leave written on their palms?



Everyday you arise. Tearing the sky apart, one color at a time. Pulling the world out of her dreams. Uncovering the blanket of clouds from her arms. Everyday original, though copies of each other, repeat after repeat. 

How about you? What  are beginnings like for you?



There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. - Cohen


I have been looking for Cohen's quote in modern architecture, capturing pictures of light bulbs everywhere I go. Contrast. Clair-obscur. It seems that balance lies in stark opposites. Everything has its place and its antonym. Light needs darkness likewise darkness calls for light.

What about you? What cracks in your life have made the light come through?


The Blue Hour

If time was measured in colors instead of numbers, blue would be my favourite one. The colour of departures and silences before the world arises. The blue hour has this peaceful scent of newborns’ hair that draws you in inexplicably. 

Breathing in and out, clothing your eyes and taking in the beauty, simply. 

How about you, what is your favorite time of the day?